Starting CloudFive

Starting CloudFive

Hi there, Great that you are visiting our website. We would like to introduce ourselves, our company and explain why we started CloudFive so we can take you along with our journey.  


Introducing myself

First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Roel Vissers. 33 years. I have a lovely wife (Marleen) and daughter (Juul) who is 1 year. I like to play football, tennis and enjoy spending time with friends. I have over 10 years of recruitment experience within the Telecoms and IT industry and have my own company for over 7,5 years now. During those 10 years I have been involved with local recruitment as well as hiring expats and help them with immigration and integration. The last 8 years I have worked as a contractor in the role of Corporate Recruiter at a consultative engineering company focused on IT infrastructure, data and digital. Working with expats has always been the favorite part of my job. You change people’s lives and can really be from added value in the major change they are awaiting for.  



Industry is changing

In the last years I have seen a growing shortage of employees within the IT industry in the Netherlands. Especially within IT infrastructure I see an even more challenging situation. The way IT infrastructure is being set-up and managed is evolving. Instead of working from silo’s it’s going more to hands-off work where infrastructure is completely built and managed in code (hybrid and multicloud solutions). Cloud providers are gaining a larger market share, which accelerates the need for more cloud-native solutions. This requires more knowledge of the engineers about the cloud infrastructure, services and way of working. Within IT infrastructure there is already a shortage of people, but there is also an evolution (IaC) going on what makes it even more difficult to find people.  


Adding value to the market

We were thinking about how to add value to this challenging market and that why we came up with CloudFive. At CloudFive we are a people company who create a unique opportunity to make work-life better, more enjoyable for employees and deliver great consultancy in technology. We are a consultancy company focused on IT professionals with Cloud (AWS and/or Azure) and Infrastructure as Code experience. We create this by hiring people from abroad and support them with everything that is related with the immigration such as the working permit and housing, but we also help with integration in the Dutch society. For instance by offering Dutch language lessons. We focus on expats coming from countries that are a member of the European Union who do not need a visa to work in the Netherlands, but we also hire people from abroad Europe. As an employer you need to be a recognised sponsor in order to hire people from abroad Europe. To obtain this you need to be a reliable partner for the IND (Dutch immigration office) which will be tested using an application procedure. CloudFive is a recognised sponsor what makes us a reliable company.  


The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an attractive country to live in. We have a great economy, childcare, healthcare system, education system and  90% of the Dutch population speaks English. We are expat friendly and have a 30% tax discount for expats to make it even more attractive for you to come to the Netherlands.  


Collaboration – technical aspects of the company

I am specialized in working with people, recruitment, human resources and I know how to run a company. Other people are more specialized in technology. I strongly believe that it’s important to have a good dynamism, where we complement and reinforce each other. Which results in adding value to the company and creating a successful company. That’s where Robert Knoester comes into the picture. Robert is a senior DevOps / Cloud Engineer who is going to help out with the technical aspects of the company. He will be involved in the job application process and conduct the 2nd interview that is more focused on the technical part. A technical assessment might be part of the process as well. Also, Robert will help out with career guidance and organizing training / knowledge sessions.  

Roel Vissers

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