Application and immigration process

Expat and immigration process

Are you an IT professional from abroad the Netherlands and experienced with working in the cloud and interested in living and working in the Netherlands long term? Great! We should talk!

First we need to determine if your skillset and your ambitions fit the company. We can determine this by following our ‘Application process’ displayed below.

Our application process

Immigration requirements

Residence permit

Do you have a passport of a country that is a total member of the European Union? You are free to live and work in the Netherlands.

If you are immigrating from outside Europe we will need to request a residence permit for you as a highly skilled migrant.

There are certain requirement you have to meet:
  • The employer you will be working for needs to be a recognised sponsor. To obtain this you need to be a reliable partner for the IND (Immigration office) which will be tested using an application procedure. CloudFive is a recognised sponsor.

  • There are salary requirements you have to meet.

Salary criteria

​Highly skilled migrants above 30 years
​€ 4,840 gross per month
​Highly skilled migrants below 30 years
​€ 3,549 gross per month

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