The arrival of Lucas

The arrival of Lucas

Lucas Is CloudFive’s first employee who arrived in the Netherlands. Around three months ago we reached an agreement for an employment at our company and we have started the relocation process. Today was the day that he finally arrived in the Netherlands.

Hi Lucas! Welcome in the Netherlands. We are very happy to have you here as our first Consultant!

Can you please give an introduction about yourself?
My name is Lucas and I’m from São Paulo (Brazil). Since I was little, I’ve always liked technology and understanding how things worked behind the scenes. That’s why I specialized in the IT field.
I’ve worked in large corporations, government companies and startups, this has given me a good understanding of how things work in the corporate world.
In my day to day I like to spend time with my family and watch or play football which is my great passion.

Can you tell us more about your professional career and the technical stack you are experienced with?
At the beginning of my career, I knew I would like to work with technology, but I didn’t know the roles very well. Over time, I realized that I really like the infrastructure part and keeping the systems running.
I specialize in operating systems (Linux) and cloud computing (AWS & Azure). I also have great experience with Terraform, CICD tools, Kubernetes and others related technologies. I’m always looking to learn new technologies on the market, so I have multiple certifications, including: Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, among others.

Can you tell us more about your professional ambitions? What kind of tooling / products do you like to work with?
I like to work with infrastructure-related tools that are open-source.
I strongly believe in the open-source culture because it allows small businesses and low-income people to develop at low cost.

A toast to his new employment

And his new apartment in Eindhoven

Why have you chosen to work for CloudFive?

From the first contact I felt very good. Roel has great experience with expats. Despite this great experience, CloudFive is a new company and the fact that I can evolve along with the company makes me very excited to help.

Salary and benefits are also compatible with the role.


Why do you want to work abroad and why have you chosen for the Netherlands?

I always wanted to work in another country and get to know new cultures. The Netherlands provides a great quality of life and is a big technology hub in Europe which is very important for my career. Can’t wait to ride my bike around town 🙂


Can you give a summary of how the relocation process went? How did you experience it and are you happy with the support from CloudFive and their partners?
The relocation process went very well and was quick. I am completely satisfied with CloudFive and its partners. The hardest part is finding an apartment to rent, but CloudFive has contact with a specialist company to help.


What will be your going-in role and client?
I will work at Itility on a project for their client ASML. Itility is an innovative consultative engineering company that creates digital solutions in the Energy, Agriculture, and (high-tech) Manufacturing sectors, by merging technology and data.

I’ve already met two teammates and I’m very excited to get started. The project is a data lake and I will work on the infrastructure and automations part, I will receive more information about that in the coming weeks.


Do you have plans abut things you want to visit in the Netherlands?

Since I was little, I have always watched on television about the cycling culture in Holland. I really want to know the bike routes in the city.

I also want to watch a PSV game and travel by train.

Do you have advice for people who want to relocate to the Netherlands? Are there any big differences between Brazil and the Netherlands you noticed so far?

Dutch people speak English very well and are very polite, it makes the process a lot easier. For those who live in Brazil, it is important to know that the final stage of the visa needs to be done in São Paulo, so it is good to prepare yourself for having to travel if you are from outside São Paulo.

I didn’t notice big differences between the two countries. Just the fact that phone calls are common in the Netherlands. For those who are Brazilians, it may seem a little strange to receive a phone call from the power company in the morning or to have to make a call to schedule something, for example. But I believe that is part of the culture and it works very well.


The process is very well organized and encourages everyone who wants to change their lives.

Roel Vissers

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