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Domains we work in

At CloudFive we have a focus on the below domains. We mainly focus on roles that are close to the technical content such as Engineers or Architects. Hiring managerial professionals from abroad is challenging because of cultural differences.


The demand for cloud is growing each year. It has become a necessary catalyst for innovation for businesses. More and more companies are shifting workloads from on-premise infrastructure to cloud environments and hybrid solutions.


Software development is a sprawling field. There is a huge and growing variety of different kinds of software out there and it has all been built by Software Developers. Frontend, backend, maybe full stack or specialized in mobile development? A certain tech stack you need? We are happy to help you find the person!


Data intelligence is becoming more and more important. What if you could collect and connect all data within your company? It will give great insights and business value. At CloudFive we can for instance help with finding specialists who can help you build a data lake on the cloud such as a Data Engineer or a Data Lake Platform Engineer.

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