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Interested in relocating to the Netherlands?

Are you an IT professional from abroad the Netherlands and do you have experience as an Engineer within the cloud, software or data domain? Are you also interested in living and working in the Netherlands long term? Great!

Please check the vacancies if you see a match with your skillset and ambitions.

Our process

Immigration requirements

Residence permit

Do you have a passport of a country that is a total member of the European Union? You are free to live and work in the Netherlands.

If you are immigrating from outside Europe we will need to request a residence permit for you as a highly skilled migrant.

There are certain requirement you have to meet:
  • The employer you will be working for needs to be a recognised sponsor. To obtain this you need to be a reliable partner for the IND (Immigration office) which will be tested using an application procedure. CloudFive is a recognised sponsor.

  • There are salary requirements you have to meet.

Salary criteria

​Highly skilled migrants above 30 years
€5.008 gross per month
​Highly skilled migrants below 30 years
€3.672 gross per month

Frequently asked questions

The total procedure will take between 1 and 3 months.

At the immigration office there is a maximal legal duration of 2 weeks for them to reply on the visa application. In order to apply for the visa a couple of documents need to be collected. In some cases it can cause some delay because documents (such as your birth or marriage certificate) needs to be translated and/or legalized.

When the immigration office approved your visa you need to collect your visa at the Dutch embassy in your country. It is not possible to start earlier than the start date mentioned in your employment contract, later is possible.

Yes – that’s possible. You can bring your family from the start, but some people also choose to bring their family later on. For instance after a couple of months. Changing countries can be challenging. Sometimes the knowledge migrant will come alone first and will set thing up, so that the rest of the family will have a smooth arrival.

At CloudFive we will inform you about the options, but it’s up to the knowledge migrant to make decisions.

Yes – the housing market is challenging at the moment. We have several collaborations with real estate companies. We will guide you in this process.

Yes – that’s possible, but please be aware there is a process you need to follow. You need to start that up early in the relocation process to avoid your pets not being to come with you from day 1.

We are specialized in recruitment within the IT industry with a main focus on data engineering, cloud and software engineering. We combine that with being a specialist in the relocation process. You will be on our paylist from the start. We recruit, relocate, and help you set up in the Netherlands . When you are set-up you will obtain a direct employment at our client.

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